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JLC Razorsaw Extender

NEW JLC 003 Extender.
Many of you have heard of, or already enjoy using, the JLC Razor saw. This is a standard double-edge razor; exactly the one used as a replacement in old style shaving razors. The razor blade is ingeniously photo-etched to create two sizes of unsplayed teeth, allowing the user to make razor-thin cuts. The blade of the JLC is attached to a sturdy handle with two slotted screws for easy replacement, and long life. One distinct advantage of the saw is to cut parts off the tree without damaging them as other cutting tools do. Secondly the razorsaw makes precision cuts that save cleanup time. Your cut parts are ready to paint with much less work. A third, but by no means final benefit, is more crisp, straight cuts.

What is the UMM Razorsaw Extender? This is a package of precisely manufactured shims of varying widths designed to be stacked in with multiple blades of the JLC saw.

In one kit you receive: five shims (1.5mm, .05mm, .25mm, and two 1.0mm) and two fastening screws. Combining the JLC saw and the UMM extender creates a more versatile tool. Now you can make multiple exactly parallel cuts in one operation. A perfect result is well ensured by the sturdy construction of the JLC tool. As the description implies, one operation to create multiple cuts saves valuable time.

What are modellers saying about JLC Saw Extender... ?

"The UMM Extender greatly expands the uses of the JLC Razorsaw (See below), as well as the model building possibilities for the modeler who uses them. Consider some of the following: Cutting of multiple, exact, equal-length parts of varied media is now easy. Simply stack blades and shims as desired. Line up on the material to be cut as you would with a single blade. By cutting squarely you now have more than one identical part. Remember that next time you need to make a bunch of hold down, or reinforcing tabs on your armor project. How about ribs to detail the structure on an aircraft wing? Another use might be to have many blades closely spaced to cut cooling fins on a cylinder head, or machine gun barrel. (Buying two or more UMM extender kits is recommended to maximize this particular benefit.) Parallel panel lines can also be made quick and easy by pulling the tool along a straight edge till the desired depth is achieved. Describing the positives of the JLC-UMM tool has one resounding theme: the saving of time!"

"The JLC Razorsaw, and the UMM Extender make a great team. If you already own the JLC saw, the purchase of the UMM extender kit, and extra blades is a no-brainer. If you don't already own the JLC Razorsaw; now is the time to purchase both products. UMM is the exclusive distributor of these products, so look no further. The JLC-UMM Combo Saw is a tool far more valuable to you than the price you will pay. Made of quality materials, its sturdy construction will give you a lifetime of service. This will certainly be one of the proudest additions to your hobby tool box."

"I need to give this the credit it is due, because too often we overlook this finite commodity. With all the things we do to save time in our lives to enjoy more of our hobby, not enough thought it is placed on eliminating unnecessary tedium in the practice of our hobby. JLC-UMM Combo Saw addresses this dilemma. The time this tool saves you will not only increase your success in the hobby, but it will pay for itself many times over!"

Bryan Mcdermott, Wisconsin
Updated: 16 May 2008
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